Meet The Team

Hi. My name is Angela. I am 5’11”, teal hair, and green eyes. I am also a music lover. Mainly punk, rock, metal, grunge, rockabilly, and ska. I have a huge vinyl collection, and have recently become a drummer. Love movies, especially comic book, though I can only name very few celebrities if I tried. I have been working for the company for little over 4 years now. I started wit Thrift N Thrive, then worked at Perk from day 1. I even helped paint the place. I am a tea drinker, though I don’t mind an occasional fancy coffee drink. Coffee and tea having caffeine in common, I understand that to some people coffee is the most important meal of the day. Not only do I get to give people morning motivation, we talk about music, movies, vinly, food recipes, and everything in between. Knowing that someone is happy that I took an extra 30 seconds to say good morning, makes working at a local shop much more worth it. Perk is where everybody knows your name.